Business Incubation igang med sports produkter

Tilløbet har været langt men nu er springet taget. Business Incubation er nu i gang med sportsprodukter under “Sports 8 by Business Incubation”. Vi er passionerede udøvere af vores egen sports – ultra running, ultra moutainbiking og triathtlon – og at starte med sportsprodukter har længe været et ønske.

Det er en del af vores mission og vores værdier at de virksomheder og produkter vi vil markedsføre tager udgangspunkt i det sunde menneske og glæden ved bevægelse – så produkternes værdi kan f.eks. være at de er skadesforebyggende eller skadesbehandlende.

Vi ligger stærk ud med Herzog Compression Socks og Herzog Compry Cool RICE System   

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TruTouch taking off…..

TruTouch alcohol detection taking off in Scandinavian, Baltic and Middle East markets.

TruTouch TT2500 is truly changing the paradigm of alcohol screening and alcohol measurements.

- fast screening
- accurate measurement
- biometric function
- access card integration
- low cost per measurement

Scandinavian industry, Middle East Oil & Gas and Middle East Government is very interested in the technology that will combat alcohol in the workspace.

For more information go to TruTouchTechnologies

- Michael Jørgensen, CEO

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Announcement: Steen Bollerslev joined Business Incubation in the Middle East

With the increasing interest for Business Incubation Services in the Middle East we have strengthen our presence on the ground.

Steen Bollerslev has joined Business Incubation as Director of Business Development for the Middle East region. Steen is based in Dubai and have a solid experience working with BtB sales and sales team management in the multicultural Middle East melting pot. Steen together with our local and of Arabic decent advisor is responsible for the execution of our services to customer satisfaction.

Steen’s CV and details will be uploaded shortly.

Welcome onboard Steen

Michael Jørgensen, CEO

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Adidas Boost – meeting the Danish medias

Today was Boost’day at S for Sneakers (a New York style sports and fashion concept shop ) in Pilestrædet in the heart of Copenhagen.

Business Incubation was attending and Claus presented the new Adidas Boost technology for bloggers and magazine writers.

Keywords for the Adidas Boost is:

  • Baked and steamed TPU capsules gives a soft but responsive shoe (up to 84% energy return)
  • The TPU maintain same softness and cushion in a wide temperature interval from -20C to 40C
  • Long lifetime – the TPU last more than 30% longer than conventional EVA

This was great opportunity for us to network with Adidas and other people from the world of running.

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TruTouchTechnologies – the paradigm shift in alcohol detection

TT2500Business Incubation has been selected by TruTouchTechnologies (USA) as business incubator for the Scandinavia, Baltic and Middle East markets.

TruTouchTechnologies has developed a new alcohol measurement technology based on NIR that measures capillary alcohol in-vitro through a finger in a matter of seconds – no breath, blood or urine needed.

This new technology will change the paradigm of monitoring alcohol in high risk workspace like aviation, shipping, ground transport, oil & gas, heavy industries etc. Simple biometric recognition prevents buddy punching.

TruTouch products will be available in Scandinavia from the first week of March 2013, in the Middle East from the last week of March and in the Baltic States from the first week of April. For more information contact Michael Jørgensen or find more information on

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Adidas Boost 3…2…1…Launch

Adidas Boost RundCountdown to Adidas Boost launch Wednesday 27th of February

The new concept urban running shoe Boost from running shoe giant Adidas will be launched in selected Danish shops next week.

Business Incubation is involved with the Adidas Boost launch as “Boost Technology Trainers” for the small and exclusive community of shops that will have Adidas Boost on the shelfs (as long as stock is available…..)

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