TruTouchTechnologies – the paradigm shift in alcohol detection

TT2500Business Incubation has been selected by TruTouchTechnologies (USA) as business incubator for the Scandinavia, Baltic and Middle East markets.

TruTouchTechnologies has developed a new alcohol measurement technology based on NIR that measures capillary alcohol in-vitro through a finger in a matter of seconds – no breath, blood or urine needed.

This new technology will change the paradigm of monitoring alcohol in high risk workspace like aviation, shipping, ground transport, oil & gas, heavy industries etc. Simple biometric recognition prevents buddy punching.

TruTouch products will be available in Scandinavia from the first week of March 2013, in the Middle East from the last week of March and in the Baltic States from the first week of April. For more information contact Michael Jørgensen or find more information on

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