What we do

We win in new markets!

Access+ Business Incubation Aps is a business incubation, development & management and a project management company. Our task is to narrow the gap you need to jump when entering new markets or meeting project objectives.

We are not mere consultants – our programs always involves “hands on” and commitment.

No matter the job each step is carefully planed with our clients as timeline objectives. The process and progress is continuously monitored, validated and we strive to provide our clients with a continuous and smooth stream of quality information, feedback, recommendations and orders to secure a final good result.


Business Incubation – Our Philosophy

The typical model entering a new market is to send either a sales director or regional sales manager into the new territory, look for distributors and hopefully start selling. We offer to substitute this typical model with a new paradigm…business incubation.

In a business incubation program you substitute the initial sales director or regional sales manager roles with one or more business incubators which will give you a great advantages in the market.


A business incubator is local or a living local sales and marketing executer, they understand the local business culture, they have big local business knowledge and networks, they understand and speak the local language and they don’t have to travel far to be available for clients and customers.

In a business incubation program you have a strong tool in your hand to validate your strategy – is there a market for your product, do they meet the technical requirement, is there anyone who would like to and can sell your products, can anyone support your product locally and in the same time zone.

In a business incubation program you have someone to push sales locally – every day if needed – and in a business incubation program you have access to the right people in fractions – you can have a business incubator on quarter time, half time, three quarters time and so forth.

When the time is right we will hire the perfect regional sales manager for you – train him in your product and introduce him to the right people – when he can stand alone you are business incubated!


Operative markets

While we are planing and expanding to become a global supplier of business incubation services our current markets are Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland & Greeenland), Baltics (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania) and the Middle East (Saudia Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain).


Your company profile:

We like to be idealistic so we prefer working with products and solution providing a better work safety, cleaner environment, healthier living and sports. If you are in these segments it is very likely we can help you.


Do what you are good at – we will help you with the rest!

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